Peter Jensen is the owner and founder of Wood Plain Carpentry & Design. He loves to create and has a passion for making people smile with what Wood Plain offers. Tables are a favorite of his because “ It makes people smile and see something that will out last them and that they can create memories around as well as have community around.”

We strive be to up to date with designs and have become more “ modern” in our own way over the last couple of years. We still try to live by our motto of “ Simple designs. For simple lives.” But we try and always think outside of the box.

We always try to keep up with what folks of Austin are wanting to put in their homes. If you don’t see what you are wanting just email us and we will be glad to design a brand new item just for you.





We wanted to take a minute to thank a few folks for helping make WP C&D what it has grown to be...



Jessica Scott, for your beautiful photography. Without you, this site would not have been possible.

Cody Garcia, For our logo and or branding

Our clients as if it weren’t for all you #woodplainers we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do every day